Ministry of Self-Defense

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Group ID119500 ID
DescriptionNational chapter organized in December 2020 to address issues of safety and discipline
Parent orgProud Boys
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File Photo Name Region Role
Bertino, Jeremy JosephNCmember
Bieder, GaryPAmember
Biggs, Joseph RandallFLmember
Donohoe, Charles NCmember
English, Zachary RichardMImember
Grillo, RobMAmember
Healion, BrianPAmember
Hempstead, JoshIN
Lizardo, KennyMAmember
Meza, AsherFLmember
Nugent, Travis WayneWAmember
Putnam, RobertFLmember
Rae, PaulFLmember
Rehl, Zachary PAmember
Schwetz, RichardPAmember
Stewart, John CharlesPAmember
Strickland, Robert BrysonGA
Tarrio, Henry FLmember
Vy, FreedomPAmember
Wolkind, Aaron B.DEmember

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