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DescriptionBlood Tribe is a neo-Nazi group founded and led by Christopher Pohlhaus, aka Hammer, a former U.S. Marine turned tattoo artist. In 2020, while living in San Antonio, Texas, Pohlhaus cultivated an online following by selling white supremacist propaganda and gear and posting video podcasts during which he lectured followers about fitness and the need for them to participate in “a last stand, a righteous war” against those who “call for the destruction of their birthright and posterity.” As his following grew, Pohlhaus began referring to them as the “Blood Tribe.” In 2021, as Pohlhaus networked with other white supremacist groups and recruited new followers, Blood Tribe evolved into a membership organization. In May 2022, Pohlhaus moved from Texas to Maine, where he purchased 10 acres of land and is building an encampment for white supremacists. In March 2023, Blood Tribe held their first public demonstration, protesting a drag queen story hour in Wadsworth, Ohio. The attendees, including Pohlhaus, wore matching red sweaters, waved swastika flags and held a banner that read, “There will be blood.” Blood Tribe expanded in the months following this demonstration, establishing chapters across the U.S. and Canada.
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