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Group ID151
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Parent orgProud Boys
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File Photo Name Region Role
Barbosa, JobelPA
Chiarlanza, DonovanPA
Curran, SeanPA
Giddings, IsaiahPA
Hartley, StephenPA
Healion, BrianPA
Magner, NicholasNJ
McClay, Bruce CPA
McGuigan, MichaelPA
Moerman, ThomasPA
Osgood, Armand TraffordPA
Rehl, Zachary PAPresident
Ruff, Joseph CasimirPA
Schweizerhof, KalinPA
Skinner, PaulMD
Sullivan, SonnyPASergeant-At-Arms
Tucci, Mark AnthonyPA
Vy, FreedomPA
Wallace, RodPA
Williams, John DavidPA
Wiltsley, JasonPA
Yamaguchi, Tyler PA

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