Executive Branch

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Group ID17254
LittleSis.org ID78792
DescriptionLed by the president and vice president
Parent orgFederal government of the United States of America
Reference URLhttps://littlesis.org/entities/78792-Executive_Branch

{"id": 78792, "type": "entities", "links": {"self": "https://littlesis.org/entities/78792-Executive_Branch"}, "attributes": {"id": 78792, "name": "Executive Branch", "blurb": "Led by the president and vice president", "types": ["Organization", "Government Body"], "aliases": ["Executive Branch"], "summary": null, "website": "http://www.usa.gov/", "end_date": null, "parent_id": 84059, "extensions": {"Org": {"name": "Executive Branch", "revenue": null, "employees": null, "name_nick": null, "fedspending_id": null, "lda_registrant_id": null}, "GovernmentBody": {"city": null, "county": null, "state_id": null, "is_federal": null}}, "start_date": "1787-09-17", "updated_at": "2021-03-06T12:23:10Z", "primary_ext": "Org"}}

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linkRichard M. Nixon has/had a position (President) at Executive Branch President1969-01-201974-08-09nullnullnull

Affiliated Individuals

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File Photo Name Region Role
Nixon, RichardPresident
ID Image Name Description State/Country Known members
United States Department of Agriculture0
US Department of JusticePrimary federal criminal investigation and enforcement agency5
United States Department of Transportation0
US Department of Defense0
Department of the Interiorfederal agency responsible for the management and conservation of most federal lands and natural resources0
US Department of StateFederal executive department responsible for carrying out U.S. foreign policy and international relations1
Department of Homeland SecurityFederal agency with homeland security responsibilities0
United States Department of Commerce1
U.S. Department of the Treasury0
Independent Agencies0
US Department of Education1
U.S. Department of Health and Human ServicesThe United States' Health and Human Services Agency0
United States Department of Energy0
U.S. Department of Labor0
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban DevelopmentHUD's mission is to create strong, sustainable, inclusive communities and quality affordable homes for all. HUD's vision is to improve lives and strengthen communities to deliver on America's dreams.0
Department of Veterans AffairsUS Department of Veterans Affairs0
Executive Office of the PresidentThe EOP, overseen by the White House Chief of Staff, with the current EOP employing over 1,800 people.1
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