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DescriptionPJSC Gazprom is a Russian majority state-owned multinational energy corporation headquartered in the Lakhta Center in Saint Petersburg. As of 2019, with sales over $120,000,000,000, it sat as the largest publicly listed natural gas company in the world and the largest company in Russia by revenue. In the 2020 Forbes Global 2000, Gazprom was ranked as the 32nd -largest public company in the world. Gazprom name is a portmanteau of the Russian words Gazovaya Promyshlennost (Russian: га́зовая промы́шленность – gas industry). In January 2022, Gazprom displaced Sberbank from the first place in the list of the largest companies in Russia by market capitalization.
Parent orgRussian kleptocracy
Reference URLhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gazprom

{"id": 161616, "type": "entities", "links": {"self": "https://littlesis.org/entities/161616-OAO_Gazprom"}, "attributes": {"id": 161616, "name": "OAO Gazprom", "blurb": "Russian energy giant", "types": ["Organization", "Business", "Public Company"], "aliases": ["Gazprom", "OAO Gazprom"], "summary": null, "website": "http://www.gazprom.com/", "end_date": null, "parent_id": null, "extensions": {"Org": {"name": "Gazprom", "revenue": null, "employees": null, "name_nick": null, "fedspending_id": null, "lda_registrant_id": null}, "Business": {"aum": null, "assets": null, "marketcap": null, "net_income": null, "annual_profit": null}, "PublicCompany": {"ticker": null, "sec_cik": null}}, "start_date": "1989-00-00", "updated_at": "2021-12-24T17:24:46Z", "primary_ext": "Org"}}

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Related Party Description Detail Start End Count Sum Currency
linkOAO Gazprom is/was an owner of Sibneft Gazprom bought Sibneftnullnullnullnullnull
linkSakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd and OAO Gazprom have a hierarchical relationshipnullnullnullnullnullnull
linkGazpromgeofizika-Nur and OAO Gazprom have a hierarchical relationshipsubsidiarynullnullnullnullnull
linkDmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev has/had a position (Chairman) at OAO Gazprom Chairman2002-00-002008-00-00nullnullnull
linkOAO Gazprom is/was an owner of South Stream Austria Gmbh joint venture partner2011-00-00nullnullnullnull
linkOAO Gazprom is/was an owner of Gazprom Investholding nullnullnullnullnullnull
linkBaker Botts LLP and OAO Gazprom did/do businesslaw firmnullnullnullnullnull
linkOAO Gazprom is an owner of Gazprombank Ownernullnullnullnullnull

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Ivanov, Sergeiru
Medvedev, Dmitry AnatolyevichChairman
Miller, Alexeiru
Patrushev, Andreyru
Rotenberg, Borisru
Rotenberg, Igorru

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