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DescriptionPatriot Front is an American nationalist, white supremacist, and neo-fascist hate group. Part of the broader alt-right movement, the group split off from the neo-Nazi organization Vanguard America during the aftermath of the Unite the Right rally in 2017. According to the Anti-Defamation League, the group generated the vast majority of the racist, antisemitic, and other hateful propaganda tracked by the ADL in the United States in 2020.
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File Photo Name Region Role
Alias: Adam ININmember
Alias: Adam NYNYmember
Alias: Adam PAPAmember
Alias: Adam SDSDmember
Alias: Alan MIMImember
Alias: Alex NCNCmember
Alias: Andrew ALALmember
Alias: Andrew WYWYmember
Alias: Arthur MIMImember
Alias: Austin NJNJmember
Alias: Austin TXTXmember
Alias: Benjamin MIMImember
Alias: Benjamin OHOHmember
Alias: Benjamin WIWImember
Alias: Bill MAMAmember
Alias: Billy ININmember
Alias: Billy Merse TXTXmember
Alias: Bradley ILILmember
Alias: Brian NCNCmember
Alias: Brian PAPAmember
Alias: Bryan NVNVmember
Alias: Bryan OKOKmember
Alias: Calvin COCOmember
Alias: Carl CACAmember
Alias: Carter ALALmember
Alias: Carter MOMOmember
Alias: Cecil OKOKmember
Alias: Charles COCOmember
Alias: Chris PAPAmember
Alias: Christopher ALALmember
Alias: Christopher CACAmember
Alias: Christopher VAVAmember
Alias: Clarke OKOKmember
Alias: Daniel TXTXmember
Alias: Don TXTXmember
Alias: Douglas TXTXmember
Alias: Eric MIMImember
Alias: Eric PAPAmember
Alias: Ethan ININmember
Alias: Ethan OHOHmember
Alias: Flint NCNCmember
Alias: Floyd FLFLmember
Alias: Floyd UTUTmember
Alias: Francis MIMImember
Alias: Francis PAPAmember
Alias: Frank SCSCmember
Alias: Gabriel AZAZmember
Alias: Gabriel IAIAmember
Alias: Gabriel WVWVmember
Alias: Gary CACAmember
Alias: Gary NYNYmember
Alias: George MNMNmember
Alias: George TXTXmember
Alias: Grant ALALmember
Alias: Harrison VAVAmember
Alias: Henry MAMAmember
Alias: Hugh ALALmember
Alias: Jack AZAZmember
Alias: Jack FLFLmember
Alias: Jackson NCNCmember
Alias: Jackson NYNYmember
Alias: Jackson PAPAmember
Alias: Jackson WIWImember
Alias: Jake ARARmember
Alias: James ALALmember
Alias: James AZAZmember
Alias: James ORORmember
Alias: James UTUTmember
Alias: Jason TXTXmember
Alias: Jeffrey OHOHmember
Alias: Jesse COCOmember
Alias: Jim MAMAmember
Alias: John AZAZmember
Alias: John MNMNmember
Alias: John OHOHmember
Alias: John OKOKmember
Alias: Johnny IDIDmember
Alias: Joseph ILILmember
Alias: Josh CACAmember
Alias: Kyle MOMOmember
Alias: Lee KYKYmember
Alias: Leo ARARmember
Alias: Leo LALAmember
Alias: Leo MOMOmember
Alias: Leo PAPAmember
Alias: Lewis TXTXmember
Alias: Logan CACAmember
Alias: Logan MOMOmember
Alias: Logan NCNCmember
Alias: Logan TNTNmember
Alias: Logan TXTXmember
Alias: Logan UTUTmember
Alias: Loy OKOKmember
Alias: Marcus WAWAmember
Alias: Mark PAPAmember
Alias: Marshall OKOKmember
Alias: Mason NYNYmember
Alias: Matt MIMImember
Alias: Matt TXTXmember
Alias: Matthew MNMNmember
Alias: Max UTUTmember
Alias: Michael ININmember
Alias: Michael MIMImember
Alias: Michael OHOHmember
Alias: Mike IDIDmember
Alias: Mike MNMNmember
Alias: Mike RIRImember
Alias: Nathan CACAmember
Alias: Nathan MIMImember
Alias: Nathan TXTXmember
Alias: Nicholas OHOHmember
Alias: Nicholas UTUTmember
Alias: Nick NYNYmember
Alias: Norman CACAmember
Alias: Norman GAGAmember
Alias: Norman MAMAmember
Alias: Norman WIWImember
Alias: Oscar TXTXmember
Alias: Patrick NCNCmember
Alias: Patrick OHOHmember
Alias: Patrick PAPAmember
Alias: Paul FLFLmember
Alias: Paul PAPAmember
Alias: Paul TXTXmember
Alias: Paul WAWAmember
Alias: Peter CTCTmember
Alias: Peter MNMNmember
Alias: Philip FLFLmember
Alias: Phillip MAMAmember
Alias: Ray MNMNmember
Alias: Robert ILILmember
Alias: Robert ININmember
Alias: Robert MDMDmember
Alias: Robert NJNJmember
Alias: Ryan OHOHmember
Alias: Ryan WYWYmember
Alias: Sam MIMImember
Alias: Sam MNMNmember
Alias: Sam OHOHmember
Alias: Samuel NJNJmember
Alias: Scott TXTXmember
Alias: Sean ALALmember
Alias: Sean KSKSmember
Alias: Sid OKOKmember
Alias: Steven OHOHmember
Alias: Travis CACAmember
Alias: Ulysses FLFLmember
Alias: Victor DEDEmember
Alias: Victor ILILmember
Alias: Victor MAMAmember
Alias: Victor OHOHmember
Alias: Vincent AZAZmember
Alias: Vincent KYKYmember
Alias: Walter NCNCmember
Alias: Wayne FLFLmember
Alias: Wayne NYNYmember
Alias: William TXTXmember
Alias: Wilson TXTXmember
Alias: Zach MOMOmember
Amato, Austin JamesTXmember
Arbuckle, Tyler RussellUTmember
Bagley, Frank John Baptist IIWA
Baker, Dustin ILmember
Beilman, AlexCTmember
Betancur, Bryan MDmember
Bogosh, Noah MAmember
Boyce, Jared MichaelUT
Brenner, Nathan DavidCOmember
Brewer, Andrew member
Brooks, Christopher SkylarGAmember
Brown, Colton MichaelWAmember
Brown, JacobVAmember
Brown, Joseph NicolasTXmember
Brown, Joseph NicolasTX
Brown, KarterGAmember
Buster, Josiah DanielTX
Buster, Mishael JoshuaWA
Center, Devin WayneARmember
Chandler, Anthony PaulCT
Clement, Matthew AllenWAmember
Cole, Brenner AlexanderTXNetwork Director
Conry, Charles SeanNCmember
Cordova, Samuel A.COmember
Corio, Dylan CarterWY
Cottle, KevinRI
Cross, Joffre JamesTXmember
Dail, ThomasVAmember
Danaher, Brandon MichaelMOmember
Daniel, JeffAZmember
Degelau, ZacharySDmember
Durham, Patryck ScottCOmember
Durham, Winston WorthID
Elliott, Ian MichaelALmember
Fair, David WilliamSCmember
Fears, Colton TXmember
Fears, William Henry IVTXmember
Flannery, Richard JamesORmember
Fletcher, Ian DouglasMOmember
Foshee, ChristianGAmember
Gancarz, Paul MichaelVAmember
Garland, Garret JosephILmember
Golie, Travis BeauILmember
Guthrie, Alexi MichaelCAmember
Hamby, Dustin RayTXmember
Haney, Brandon MitchelUT
Hashtag: #HoodedBatonGrabberMDmember
Hayden, Mark MAmember
Heming, Devin AlexanderPAmember
Higgs, Brandon TroyMDmember
Hood, Christopher MAmember
Hudson, Clinton WilliamOKmember
Hyde, PetriTXmember
Javid, Syed RobbieVAmember
Jessop, Richard JacobIDmember
Johnson, Chris TXmember
Johnson, James JuliusWAmember
Johnson, James MichaelSD
Johnson, RileySDmember
Jones, Michael AlanNCmember
Kennedy, Dalton AlbertNCmember
Knuteson, Casey JamesORmember
Krueger, Aaron ChristopherGAmember
Larson, Tylar NYmember
Leavitt, Nathaniel JoshuaMOmember
Lovett, Phillip WayneTXmember
Lowy, Kevin James MannionNYmember
MacDougal, SomerledNCmember
Metzler, Kevin FLmember
Moran, Connor PatrickTX
Morelli, KyleTXmember
Morris, Kieran PadraigTXmember
Norman, Lawrence AlexanderORmember
Noyce, Nathaniel J.VAmember
O'Leary, Justin MichaelWAmember
Oakes, DillonCOmember
Overbeeke, Cornell ILmember
Philbin, Jason WVmember
Planer, William ScottCOmember
Plank, LoganILmember
Plotner, Joshua RyanIDmember
Pobreski, James AnthonyFLmember
Primavera, Tyler S.MAmember
Prior, Jacob LandisWAmember
Pruitt, Cameron RathanUTmember
Rankin, Forrest ClarkCO
Renard, Antoine BernardMDmember
Rikard, Collin BrettFLmember
Ring, WilliamMDmember
Ritchie, Christopher TX
Rose, Caleb DaneINmember
Rousseau, Thomas RyanTXmember
Roy, RyanVTmember
Ryan, Conor JamesCO
Sailors, Eric MitchellTXmember
Sargent, DustinPAmember
Sciulli, Andrew MDmember
Semok, ChristopherFLmember
Sieber, Jacob AlexanderNCmember
Simpson, Spencer ThomasWAmember
Sisenstein, Alexander NicholaiUT
Smaller, MattMA
Smith, Derek JosephSD
Spellman-Oldenquest, DavidMAmember
Staab, Victor LeeMDmember
Stern, Zachary R.PAmember
Stiso, Nick JohnILmember
Stow-Ortiz, Calvin JosephFLmember
Struys, Jon-PaulMImember
Struys, Joseph AndrewMImember
Sundberg, Ryan RichardCAmember
Sundt, Jacob StevenWAmember
Tabler, Dakota RayUT
Trahan, WyattNHmember
Tredinnick, AedanVAmember
Trimboli, Stephen JamesFLmember
Tucker, Steven DerrickTX
Turetchi, DanielMDmember
Turner, Hayden GrayTXmember
Valentine, James DanielWAmember
Valescu, TrevorMNmember
Van Horn, Wesley EvanAL
Wagner, Mitchell FrederickMOmember
West, Dakota JamesOKmember
Whitfield, Nathaniel TaylorUTmember
Whitson, Graham JonesTXmember
Whitted, Robert BenjamijnTX
Wolf, Matthew MAmember
Woodward, Dalton RussellARmember
Yeager, Tristan MichelangleoTXmember
Zak, Jacub ILmember
Zrallack, Kenneth GaryILmember

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