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DescriptionBi-monthly magazine published by American Opinion Publishing Inc., a subsidiary of the John Birch Society (JBS)
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{"id": 334564, "type": "entities", "links": {"self": ""}, "attributes": {"id": 334564, "name": "The New American", "blurb": "Bi-monthly magazine published by American Opinion Publishing Inc., a subsidiary of the John Birch Society (JBS)", "types": ["Organization", "Business", "Private Company", "Media Organization"], "aliases": ["The New American"], "summary": "The New American is a daily online and twice-monthly print magazine published by American Opinion Publishing Incorporated, a subsidiary of the John Birch Society (JBS). \r\n\r\nIn review, the New American publishes news that is favorable to the right. There is frequent use of loaded emotional wording such this: Rep. Massie Ridicules John Kerry’s “Pseudo-Science” on Climate. This story is sourced back to old New American articles and not to credible sources to support their claims. When it comes to science New American does not support the consensus of science on climate change. In general, New American publishes stories that are always favorable to the right such as this: Seattle Is Dying: Radical “Progressivism” Is the Reason.\r\n\r\nOverall, we rate the New American Right Biased based on story selection that always favors the right and Mixed for factual reporting due to rejecting the consensus of science and poor sourcing techniques.\r\n\r\nIt was created in 1985 from the merger of two John Birch Society magazines: \r\nAmerican Opinion, and;\r\nThe Review of the News. \r\n\r\nBased in Appleton, Wisconsin, as of October 2014, it had a circulation of 17, 054 in the United States of America. ", "website": "", "end_date": null, "parent_id": null, "extensions": {"Org": {"name": "The New American", "revenue": null, "employees": null, "name_nick": null, "fedspending_id": null, "lda_registrant_id": null}, "Business": {"aum": null, "assets": null, "marketcap": null, "net_income": null, "annual_profit": null}}, "start_date": "1985-09-30", "updated_at": "2020-11-16T19:31:01Z", "primary_ext": "Org"}}

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