Conspiracy with foreign powers to influence 2016 election



Trump Campaign meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya
2016 Democratic National Committee email leak

Persons of Interest

File Photo Name Case Status Jurisdiction Charges
Agalarov, Aras Iskenderovich
Akhmetshin, Rinat Rafkatovitch
Assange, Julian Paul
Bannon, Stephen Kevin
Barrack, Thomas Joseph Jr.IndictedActing as an unregistered foreign agent; False statements
Butina, Maria ValeryevnaconvictedActing as unregistered agent of foreign government
Cohen, Michael convictedMaking false statements
Flynn, Michael T.convictedMaking false statements
Gates, Richard W. IIIconvictedConspiracy against the United States; Making false statements
Goldstone, Robert Ian
Kaveladze, Irakly
Kushner, Jared
Manafort, Paul John JrconvictedConspiracy against the United States;conspiracy to obstruct justice
Papadopoulos, George convictedMaking false statements
Prigozhin, Yevgeny VictorovichIndicted, Deceased
Putin, Vladimir Vladimirovitch
Sessions, Jefferson Beauregard III
Stone, Roger Jason Jr.convictedWitness tampering; obstruction of proceeding; making false statements
Trump, Don Jr.
Trump, Donald John
van der Zwaan, Alexconvictedmaking a false statement
Veselnitskaya, Natalia Vladimirovna
Zuckerberg, Mark
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