United States Sanctions in Response to 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine

DescriptionThis "incident" will be used to track individuals targeted by or in violation of these particular sanctions
Parent context2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine

Persons of Interest

File Photo Name Case Status Jurisdiction Charges
Bogdanov, VladimirSanctioned
Bortnikov, DenisSanctioned
Chemezov, SergeiSanctioned
Deripaska, OlegSanctioned
Fradkov, PetrSanctioned
Ivanov, SergeiSanctioned
Kerimov, SuleimanSanctioned
Kiriyenko, VladimirSanctioned
Kostin, Andrey LeonidovichSanctioned
Miller, AlexeiSanctioned
Patrushev, AndreySanctioned
Prigozhin, Yevgeny VictorovichSanctioned, Deceased
Puchkov, AndreySanctioned
Rotenberg, ArkadySanctioned
Rotenberg, BorisSanctioned
Sechin, IgorSanctioned
Sechin, IvanSanctioned
Shamalov, KirillSanctioned
Shuvalov, IgorSanctioned
Skoch, AndreiSanctioned
Soloviev, YuriSanctioned
Timchenko, GennadySanctioned
Tokarev, NikolaySanctioned
Usmanov, AlisherSanctioned
Vedyakhin, Alexander AleksandrovichSanctioned
Vekselberg, ViktorSanctioned
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