Organization of fraudulent electors in 2020 federal election

DescriptionThe Trump fake electors plot involved a scheme devised after the 2020 United States presidential election by president Donald Trump and his allies in seven key states to create and submit fraudulent certificates of ascertainment that falsely asserted Trump had won the electoral college vote in those states. The intent of the scheme was to pass the fraudulent certificates to then-vice president Mike Pence in the hope he would count them, rather than the authentic certificates, and thus overturn Joe Biden's victory. This effort was predicated on a false legal theory devised by Trump attorney John Eastman and others, which claimed the vice president has constitutional discretion to swap out official electors with an alternate slate during the certification process, thus changing the outcome of the electoral college vote and the overall winner of the presidential race. This scheme came to be known as the Pence Card.
Parent context2020-21 Coup d'Etat against the United States

Persons of Interest

File Photo Name Case Status Charges
Alston Latham, Cathleen
Amick, Mark
Bachenberg, Bill
Barletta, Lou
Berden, Kathy
Bowyer, Tyler
Brannan, Joseph
Brunner, Carol
Buestrin, Mary
Carlson, Darryl
Carroll, James
Carroll, Tom
Carver, Brad
Choate, Hank
Christian, Ted
Coccodrilli, Chuck
Comfort, Bernadette
Cottle, Nancy
DeGraffenreid, James
DeMarco, Samuel III
Diaz-Myers, Marcela
DiEsposti, Christie
Downey, John
Eastman, John
Facchinello, Amy
Feehan, Bill
Ferro, Josephine
Fitzgerald, Scott
Ford-Tinnin, Anissa
Frost, Clifford
Garcia, Lupe
Gerow, Charlie
Giuliani, Rudolph
Godwin, Gloria Kay
Grabins, Edward Scott
Grot, Stanley G.
Haggard, John
Hall Fisher, Carolyn
Hanna, David
Harley, Kevin
Hennessy, Mark W.
Henry, Mari-Ann
Hindle, Durward James III
Hitt, Andrew
Hoffman, Jake
Hoopes, Leah
Jones, Burt
Kern, Anthony T.
Khare, Ash
Kiernan, Kathy
King, Timothy
Lamon, Jim
Law, Jesse
Lundgren, Michele
Maddock, Meshawn
Maestas, Debbie W.
McCoy, Andre
McDonald, Michael J.
Meehan, Shawn
Montgomery, Robert
Moody, Daryl
Moorhead, Samuel I.
Patton, Lisa
Pellegrino, Lorraine B.
Poprik, Pat
Powdrell, Jewll
Reilly, Andy
Renner, James
Rice, Eileen
Rodriguez, Mayra
Rook, Rose
Ruh, Kelly
Safsten, Greg
Shafer, David
Sheridan, Marian
Smith, Suk
Spindell, Robert F. Jr.
Still, Shawn
Thompson, Ken
Townsend Consiglio, Vikki
Travis, Pam
Tripp, Rosie
Tucker, Calvin
Vanderwood, Kent
Ward, Kelli
Ward, Michael
Yadav, C.
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