2016 Kyiv cyberattack

DescriptionA cyberattack happened in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv just before midnight on 17 December 2016, and lasted for just over an hour. The national electricity transmission operator Ukrenergo said that the attack had cut one fifth of the city's power consumption at that time of night.
LocationКиїв ua
Parent contextRusso-Ukrainian_War

Persons of Interest

File Photo Name Case Status Charges
Andrienko, Yuri SergeyevichIndicted
Detistov, Sergey VladimirovichIndicted
Frolov, Pavel ValeryevichIndicted
Kovalev, Anatoliy SergeyevichIndicted
Ochichenko, Artem ValeryevichIndicted
Pliskin, Petr NikolayevichIndicted
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