Drag event protest

DescriptionProud Boys join dozens protesting "grooming" outside a library's drag story hour; police used mace to break up a pushing confrontation with 200 counter protesters.
On 29 December 2022, roughly 15 to three dozen demonstrators gathered outside of a Drag Queen Story Hour event at the Jackson Heights Public Library in New York - Queens (New York ) to rally against the event with the claim that they were 'grooming' children. Proud Boys and members of Guardians of Divinity were among the groups present. During the demonstration, a man in a skull mask performed a Nazi salute but was confronted by a Proud Boy who told them to leave. Nearby, around 100+ to more than 200 counter-demonstrators, including anti-fascists, rallied in support of the event and the LGBT+ community. Police were present to divide the two sides. Police and pro-Drag-related demonstrators appeared to briefly push each other, and police arrested at least one pro-drag demonstrator, who struggled as they were arrested. Police maced least one other person who tried to pull that person free. Separately, an anti-drag demonstrator was later maced, apparently by a demonstrator. [size= over 136 to more than 236] [counter-demonstration]
LocationNew York - Queens NY

Persons of Interest

File Photo Name Case Status Charges
Pagano, Anthony John Jr.
Pagano, Anthony John Sr.
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