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IDNameFatalitiesPersons of interestPersons chargedDate
January 6th 2021 Putsch at the United States Capitol5328913192021-01-06
Massacre in Bucha Ukraine350164802022-03-31
Unite The Right rally143422017-08-12
Unite the Right torch rally9932017-08-11
Organization of fraudulent electors in 2020 federal election9021
Coeur D'Alene 2022 Pride Event31312022-06-22
United States Sanctions in Response to 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine2626
Conspiracy with foreign powers to influence 2016 election 1500002310
Republican Club riot021102018-10-12
Georgia Election Racketeering02020
European Union Sanctions in Response to 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine2020
Violence in Portland OR August 2021 (Summer of Hate)1822021-08-22
Iran-Contra affair17111986-10-05
Occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge01612016-01-02
Violence at drag story time event, Eugene OR01502022-10-23
Espionage against the Democratic National Committee 01531972-06-17
Violence in Portland OR 22 August 20201412020-08-22
Attempted harassment of Supreme Court protest01202022-06-22
2016 Democratic National Committee email leak12122016-07-22
United Kingdom Sanctions in Response to 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine1010
Assassination of Orlando Letelier21071976-09-21
Invasion at the Bay of Pigs282901961-04-19
Violence at Wi Spa rally802021-07-03
Violence in Washington DC, 12-13 December 2020842020-12-12
2020-21 Coup d'Etat against the United States88
Disruption of BLM protest882020-07-11
Violent Anti-LGBT Rally702021-08-28
Trump Campaign meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya0702016-06-09
Destruction of WTC South Tower 662001-09-11
Neo-Nazi Rally, Orlando FL, 2 Sept. 2023602023-09-02
2017 Ukraine ransomware attacks66
Destruction of WTC North Tower 662001-09-11
2016 Kyiv cyberattack662016-12-17
Clackamette Park riot0602021-06-18
Attack on the Pentagon662001-09-11
Assault on media, Salem OR, Jan 1 2021602021-01-01
2015 Ukraine power grid hack662015-12-23
Assassination of John F. Kennedy1631963-11-22
Attack on DeAndre Harris542017-08-12
Proud Boys attack at City Hall, LA0502021-08-14
Hijacking of United Airlines Flight 93552001-09-11
Collapse of Nugan Hand Bank501980-01-27
1954 Guatemalan Coup d'Etat501954-06-27
September 11, 2001 Attack on the United States3000552001-09-11
Glendale CA School Board Meeting Riot0502023-06-06
Tampering in federal elections, 202043
Police killing of George Floyd1442020-05-25
Trump Organization criminal tax fraud (Weisselberg case)041
Burning of Black Lives Matter banner, 12 December 20200412020-12-12
Conspiracy with foreign powers to influence 2020 election 040
Violence at Stop the Steal rally, Salem OR, 7 Nov. 2020312020-11-07
Racist Violence at Auburn University0312017-04-18
Street fight in Kalamazoo MI302020-08-15
Violence at Resist Marxism Rally302018-10-06
Police killing of Breonna Taylor1312020-03-13
Bombing of Cubana de AviaciĆ³n Flight 45573211976-10-06
Election night stabbing(s) in Washington DC, 2020202020-11-04
Violence at Civic Center Park, Berkeley CA222017-04-15
Bombing of US Embassy to Tanzania11211998-08-07
Labor Day 2020 violence in Salem OR222020-09-07
Drag Brunch protest0202022-10-30
Drag event protest202022-12-29
Violence at Cesar Chavez Park, Sacramento202020-11-21
Kenosha unrest multiple shooting2222020-08-25
Bombing of Murrah Federal Building 168221995-04-19
Storming of the Oregon state capitol0212020-12-21
Bombing of US Embassy to Kenya213211998-08-07
Storming of the WA Governor's Mansion0212021-01-06
Trump theft of classified documents222021-01-20
Brandishing weapons at Columbine HS0202023-05-24
Skirmish at 1st and Pine PDX202021-08-07
"We Build The Wall" wire fraud011
Disruption of Drag Queen Story Hour0102022-06-11
Vigilante killing of Trayvon Martin1102012-02-26
Threats against school librarian, Cabot AR102022-06-09
Illegal Firearms Transfer112017-03-25
Bombing of the USS Cole17112000-10-12
Money Laundering at BCCI bank101986-00-00
Shots fired at Free Palestine Rally and March112023-10-21
Oregon State Capitol riot, Jan 6th 20210102021-01-06
Shots fired at Portland protest, 2020-08-150112020-08-15
Falsification of Trump Org. business records112017-02-14
Harassment of 4J District Pride Fest0102023-06-02
2017 Portland train attack2112017-05-26
Trump administration ethnic repression10
Attempted double murder112022-04-08
Nashville Anti-Trans rally0102022-10-21
Bank robbery, Portland OR, 2022-05-190112022-05-19
Harassment of Drag Story Hour0102022-09-24
Cincinnati FBI Field Office Attack1112022-08-11
Proud Boy violence in Portland102019-10-13
Disruption of library event0102022-06-27
Khobar Towers bombing19111996-06-25
Proud Boys Story Time protest0102022-12-03
"Stop the Steal" riot, downtown LA0102021-01-06
Violence at "America First" Rally102017-08-19
Violence and arrests at White Lives Matter rally112021-04-11
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