The table below lists incidents in which persons of interest have been identified in the database.

IDNameFatalitiesPersons of interestPersons charged
January 6th 2021 coup attempt against the United States51800489
Conspiracy with foreign powers to influence 2016 election 150000188
Iran-Contra affair32
Vigilante killing of Trayvon Martin110
Assault on counter-protesters at Unite The Right rally131
Kenosha unrest multiple shooting222
Police killing of George Floyd144
Police killing of Breonna Taylor131
Trump administration ethnic repression10
Violence at Civic Center Park, Berkeley CA22
Violence in Portland OR August 2021 (Summer of Hate)80
Violence in Washington DC, 12-13 December 202020
Violence in Portland OR 22 August 202060
Illegal Firearms Transfer10
Republican Club riot0191
Storming of the Oregon state capitol010
Trump Organization criminal tax fraud (Weisselberg case)041
"We Build The Wall" wire fraud011
Conspiracy with foreign powers to influence 2020 election 040
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