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Start Time2021-01-06 14:15:00
Duration (seconds)108
DescriptionInside the building, Pezzola films the other rioters entering the Capitol, then joins the crowd headed toward Officer Goodman
SourceParler (ProPublica)
User ID@RandomWatching (McCreary, Brian )
CaptionFrom what I could tell looking around, there seemed to be roughly 4-6 people actively attempting to break the windows/doors. The bulk seemed to be onlookers - like myself. Some crying out 'No!" As the doors swung open - the people there flooded in.A tense moment emerges quickly with a guard holding his pistol telling the crowd to 'back up.' To be honest; I did not notice the gun as the scene unfolded. Had I; I would of left there. I heard him; but also had people pushing me forward. I had been holding my phone arm stretched over my head.At this point; aside from the few people who broke the windows and door; the crowd inside were peaceful, or seemed mostly so. I did not notice anyone attack any officers or staff within the building. But; I only have my own perspective. "These people have no weapons." Was certainly true for me; but then again; I should of been worried about other people. The shields proved that someone had some form of weaponry.
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#SpazzoPezzola, Dominic
#ElfNaziHughes, Joshua Calvin53
#SpazzoPezzola, Dominic 19
#BlackQShirtJensen, Douglas Austin
#CodyConnellConnell, Cody Page Carter
#ElfNaziHughes, Joshua Calvin
#RandomWatchingMcCreary, Brian
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