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CaptionHello everyone! Austin's Access to Activism (A.A.A.) We are a group made up of volunteers, interpreters, allies, and members of the Deaf community. We provide Deaf-access to social and political events to allow accessibility, stream raw footage of these events for Deaf viewers, and provide captioning and text support. Follow us on IG and FB to stay up to date on our activism! Official statement and disclaimer! Meet Cesar Rocha Cesar has been a part of Austin’s Access to Activism since the very beginning- the group formed after the unlawful death of George Floyd who was killed by the police. Cesar streams most of the footage that Access to Activism uses in order to allow our group to help bring access to activist events. Cesar is a supporter of BLM and like AAA, he does NOT tolerate racism, xenophobia, disability discrimination, or any other form of injustice. His role as a reporter means that he streams several different kinds of events, including events such as the Trump Capitol riots in order to broadcast raw footage showing acts of injustice so society can hold them accountable. Disclaimer: Cesar streams videos of the events that Access to Activism participate in, as well as events that Access to Activism does NOT participate in or stand for. The purpose for streaming these events is to bring access to the Deaf community, those who wish to view the events from afar for social distancing purposes, those who want to view the events for educational purposes, and above all, to make sure all forms of activism is accessible to everybody. NEITHER Cesar or Access to Activism tolerates racism, xenophobia, sex discrimination, homophobia, disability discrimination, or any other kind of discrimination against marginalized groups. IG: access2activism [email protected]
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