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Start Time2021-01-06 00:00:00
Duration (seconds)2988
DescriptionFootage from Jan 6th and previous night
User IDCop Watch
Title Police under attack at the US Capitol!!! {4K}
CaptionWashington D.C. - We @Cop Watch have been wondering what the US Capitol Police in Washington DC were doing to keep the DC protesters out of the US Capitol building and where they failed on January 6, 2021. We obtained some never before seen footage of the events on the west side of the building where Officers were able to keep protesters out of the building as opposed to the east side where the Capitol was breached by protesters. Watch as the night before Metro DC Officers protected a small group of BLM protesters from Trump supporters. Then watch the following day as tensions rose at the capitol building until the crowd could no longer be contained by the under equipped Officers and very basic barricades. ***Many images are graphic and viewer discretion is advised***
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Archive URLhttps://jan6archive.com/youtube/wIFpSg-6HIc.mp4
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#BlackGlove805Antonio, Anthony Alexander
#BlueGooniesGuyMartin, Marcus Clint
#FashyFreddyMercuryPepe, Will
#FirstFamilyPBReed, Jeffrey David
#GingerGnomeDombrowski, Jason
#IAmTaylerHansenHansen, Tayler
#JDRiveraRivera, Jesus Delmora
#TreasonIsAHootLegros, Christina
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