Maddock, Meshawn

Co chair, Michigan Republican Party; Owner A-1 Bail Bonds
Full name (Latin characters)Maddock, Meshawn
Family/Last name(s)Maddock
Given/First name Meshawn
Middle name(s)
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{"id": 372580, "type": "entities", "links": {"self": ""}, "attributes": {"id": 372580, "name": "Meshawn Maddock", "blurb": "Co chair, Michigan Republican Party; Owner A-1 Bail Bonds", "types": ["Person"], "aliases": ["Meshawn Maddock"], "summary": "With a fanatic devotion to Donald Trump, Meshawn Maddock ascended the Michigan Republican Party ranks and served on the national advisory board for \"Women for Trump,\" organizing pro-Trump rallies and wine-and-cheese events ahead of the election. \r\n\r\nThe former stay-at-home mom was elected co-chair of the Michigan Republican Party. She also was one of the most outspoken opponents of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's COVID-19 restrictions, peddling falsehoods about the virus as it claimed thousands of lives in Michigan.\r\n\r\nFive years ago, the Maddocks co-founded the Michigan Conservative Coalition, an influential collection of right-wing organizations and pro-Trump groups aimed at recruiting and training an \"army of conservative activists.\" \r\n\r\n", "website": null, "end_date": null, "parent_id": null, "extensions": {"Person": {"party_id": null, "gender_id": 1, "name_last": "Maddock", "name_nick": null, "net_worth": null, "birthplace": null, "name_first": "Meshawn", "name_maiden": null, "name_middle": null, "name_prefix": null, "name_suffix": null, "nationality": [], "is_independent": null}}, "start_date": null, "updated_at": "2021-07-31T19:34:03Z", "primary_ext": "Person"}}

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All subjects are innocent before the law until proven guilty in court.
Alleged J6 RoleFraudulent Elector
Case ID
Case StatusCharged
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ID Incident Jurisdiction Case Status Charges Arrest date
Organization of fraudulent electors in 2020 federal election MI Charged

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