Blanchard, Nicholas Sr.

Full name (Latin characters)Blanchard, Nicholas Sr.
Family/Last name(s)Blanchard
Given/First name Nicholas
Middle name(s)
Twitter hashtag#PartyPantsGnome

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J6 Case history

All subjects are innocent before the law until proven guilty in court.
Alleged J6 RoleInvader
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Empl. Status
NotesSeen dancing with other rioters and with #EarnhardtPB on the W. Plaza. On Plaza appears at police front line early on. Extremely active known member of multiple far right groups in Maine including Beacon For Sovereignty and Patriots With Attitude (PWA).

Case history:

ID Incident Jurisdiction Case Status Charges Arrest date
January 6th 2021 Putsch at the United States Capitol

Appears in:

Metadata Preview Media Date/Time URL Appearance at (sec). Description
2020-11-15 11:12:0347
2021-01-06 11:17:07


File Photo Name Connection Detail
Hill, Sam J. Appears in photo(s) together 1
Caron, Brandon Appears in photo(s) together 2
Hale, Brandon Appears in photo(s) together 2
Morse, Matthew Appears in photo(s) together 1
Pearson, Joe Appears in photo(s) together 2

Web presence:

ID Picture External ID Display name Description Phone Email Source Status
Nickb926 nickb926 Parler
nicholasblanchar TikTok
CornPop1776 cornpop1776 Gettr
PWA1776 CORN POP 🗽PATRIOTS WITH ATTITUDE 🇺🇸 “Patriotism is our attitude!”Defending freedom and liberty 🗽is our duty!WE ARE MAINE PATRIOTS Instagram

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