Atwood, Joshua Lee

5'9" 190#
Full name (Latin characters)Atwood, Joshua Lee
Family/Last name(s)Atwood
Given/First name Joshua
Middle name(s)Lee
Twitter hashtag#LeadPipeGuy
LocationBurgettstown WV

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J6 Case history

All subjects are innocent before the law until proven guilty in court.
Alleged J6 RoleInvader
Case ID
Case Status
Age at time of offense28
Employer at time of offense
Position at time of offense
Empl. Status
NotesCarries metal pipe as weapon. Steals an officer's shield. Throws pipe at police in Phase 3 tunnel assault. Pictured in the crowd on the West Terrace, standing on the ledge next to #WindowCheerleader

Case history:

ID Incident Jurisdiction Case Status Charges Arrest date
January 6th 2021 Putsch at the United States Capitol US DOJ
Washington Co WV Arrested Malicious assault, robbery 2023-06-06

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