Posada Carriles, Luis Clemente aka "Ramon Medina" (deceased)

Cuban exile, former CIA agent, terrorist
Full name (Latin characters)Posada Carriles, Luis
Family/Last name(s)Posada Carriles
Given/First name Luis
Middle name(s)Clemente
Twitter hashtag
AliasRamon Medina

Categories/Group affiliations :

ID Group Name (Parent Org) Role
Southern Air Transport Central Intelligence Agency Flight coordinator
CoordinaciĆ³n de Organizaciones Revolucionarias Unidas (CORU) Anti-Castro Cuban exiles in the United States member
Anti-Castro Cuban exiles in the United States

Additional data from LittleSis.org

{"id": 73447, "type": "entities", "links": {"self": "https://littlesis.org/entities/73447-Luis_Posada_Carriles"}, "attributes": {"id": 73447, "name": "Luis Posada Carriles", "blurb": "Cuban exile, former CIA agent, terrorist", "types": ["Person"], "aliases": ["Luis Posada Carriles", "AMCLEVE-15"], "summary": "Cuban-born Luis Posada Carriles, a naturalized Venezuelan and a longtime CIA operative, is a convicted terrorist in two countries who escaped from a Venezuelan jail and was infamously pardoned in Panama.\r\n\r\nA dangerous criminal with a long and deadly rap sheet, he is named in U.S. intelligence reports as the mastermind behind the 1976 bombing of Cubana Airlines Fight 455, which killed the 73 passengers on board, including the Cuban national fencing team.", "website": null, "end_date": null, "parent_id": null, "extensions": {"Person": {"party_id": null, "gender_id": 2, "name_last": "Carriles", "name_nick": null, "net_worth": null, "birthplace": "Cienfuegos, Cuba", "name_first": "Luis", "name_maiden": null, "name_middle": "Posada", "name_prefix": null, "name_suffix": null, "nationality": [], "is_independent": null}}, "start_date": "1928-02-15", "updated_at": "2017-06-24T00:02:44Z", "primary_ext": "Person"}}

Related Party Description Detail Start End Count Sum Currency
linkLuis Posada Carriles had a position (member) at Operation 40 membernullnullnullnullnull
linkLuis Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosch are/were fellow conspirator, one-time cellmatesfellow conspirator, one-time cellmatenullnullnullnullnull
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Case history:

ID Incident Jurisdiction Case Status Charges Arrest date
Assassination of Orlando Letelier
Bombing of Cubana de AviaciĆ³n Flight 455
Iran-Contra affair

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File Photo Name Connection Detail
Bosch Avila, Orlando Luis Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosch are/were fellow conspirator, one-time cellmates fellow conspirator, one-time cellmate

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