The Putsch of January 6th, 2021

On January 6th, President Trump led an effort not only to delay and/or prevent the counting of electoral votes certifying the results of the 2020 presidential election, but to prevent a transition of power to the incoming president. In this effort, he was aided by a mob of thousands which he personally incited and which subsequently invaded the Capitol, causing Congress to flee temporarily to another location, escaping only minutes before the mob’s arrival. After Congress reconvened, this insurrection was continued by Republican members of the US Senate and House of Representatives who voted to object to the counting of votes from certain states.

The terrorist mob — carrying “Blue Lives Matter” flags among them and, according to some reports, even flashing police badges — injured on-duty officers, using chemical weapons and flagpoles thrown as spears, some bearing the American flag. One officer was crushed between a pair of doors while blocking the mob’s progress. Several in the mob called for the assassination of Vice President Mike Pence, and the office of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was also occupied, giving a strong indication of intent to eliminate the top individuals in the presidential line of succession. Specific threats included a desire to make a live video of Pelosi’s execution. Some terrorists carried weapons and restraints ostensibly for use in hostage taking. Small bombs were hidden outside the RNC and DNC in an apparent diversionary tactic. Windows were broken, items stolen, walls smeared with feces. The mob shouted racial slurs and some wore t-shirts advertising their intention to start another civil war that day.

Though many Capitol Police officers fought valiantly and almost certainly prevented a greater tragedy, they were left with suspiciously inadequate support by both their own leadership and by Department of Defense, and their ranks were infiltrated by those whose loyalty was with the mob. The invasion of the Capitol and the hampering of its defenses was in some cases facilitated by Capitol Police and others with access to the building. Some officers openly welcomed the mob, waving them in or taking selfies. At least one congressional office had its alarm systems removed prior to the invasion.

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The following persons have been alleged to have had a role in this incident (see reference links with each name). They are all innocent of any crime until proven guilty in a court of law. That being said, many of them livestreamed their actions on social media.

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The Invading Force

These individuals are thought to have participated in violence in the area, violated curfew on the night of the riot, crossed the barricades on the Capitol grounds, or to have entered into the building.

(Update, March 2022: for brevity's sake, only uncharged and identified persons are listed immediately below. For charged or unidentified persons, use the search function in the menu bar (top of page) to search by name or hashtag, or use the advanced search on the Help menu. See our annotated/filtered copy of the FBI's wanted list here and also

File Photo Name Age Location
Aguero, Anthony
Allen, ChristieOK
Alonso, FernandoFL
Anderson, Phillip
Andrews, Diane Plano TX
Andrews, Libby IL
Andrews, Michael Plano TX
Arnold, Greyson AZ
Arnold, Tim
Baer, Nathan
Baker, David RyanTN
Balmaseda, BarbaraMiami FL
Banuelos, John Emanuel
Barcenas, Christopher GeorgeCoral Gables FL
Barry, Ryan A.Clayton NC
Basye, Tyson Lubbock TX
Bates, David MitchellFalling Waters WV
Beals, William
Benarroch, GladyvetteMarco Island FL
Berk, Jordan
Berkebile, Guy PA
Bessenger, James TylerCharleston SC
Biedermann, Kyle
Birdsong, Michael Post Falls ID
Black, Melody MarieMN
Blanchard, Nicholas Sr.ME
Blazejewski, Lee AnnHowell MI
Bollinger, Ty
Bono, James
Bouchell, John
Bouzakis, Alexander JohnFL
Box, Dominic Savannah GA
Bucher Palles, Anne Dallas TX
Budd, Taylor
Burmeister, Chad CO
Camacho, Jordan TylerGreen Cove Springs FL
Carone, Mellissa
Cash, Brian MI
Casserley, Janet FL
Chase, Allison MI
Cini, DionNew York NY
Clements, Parker Stephen30Boynton Beach FL
Clouse, Jim PaulUT
Cole, Lily Kate
Cool, Jeremy Patrick41Kissimmee FL
Cottam, Taylor Lake Forest IL
Crandall, Zach
Crane, Daniel NY
Crocker, Ben ThomasMA
Crookston, John R.Kalamazoo MI
Cymanski, Bruce A.Barnegat NJ
Dahlgren, Kirsten NY
Danforth Carty, Jacquelin TX
Daube Kronen, Laura
Davis, Paul MacNealFrisco TX
Deuth, Samuel San Diego CA
DiCioccio, AdriennaFL
Donovan, WilliamGlendale AZ
Drew, Kristopher Huntington Beach CA
Duke, Therese MA
Edmonds, Christian23NC
Eichmann, Doug MN
Epps, Ray Queen Creek AZ
Ethridge, Tyler Tampa FL
Everett, AlexanderWA
Everett, CaitlinWA
Ferrera, Alan MichaelVirginia Beach VA
Finney, ChrisSomers NY
Fischer, JohnClayton NC
Fournier, Ryan
Foxx, Vincent JamesPost Falls ID
Garrett, TroyPort Salerno FL
Gaskins, Gigi
Gilbert, JoeyNV
Gilles, James Evansville IN
Gober, Wesley MichaelNew York NY
Goralski, Adrianna MariaChandler AZ
Goralski, Mark ThomasChandler AZ
Graham, Lindsey Salem OR
Gronek, Thomas 46Asheville NC
Guarno, Jason G.37Buchanan NY
Gudipati, Krishna MD
Gugger, Jennifer TraynorPhiliadelphia PA
Gyory, Maureen Slatington PA
Hague, RobertFL
Hakala, Jason 46Eagan MN
Hansen, Tayler UT
Harris, Adam Glendale AZ
Hayes, Lisa28Sacramento CA
Hewitt, Damon GrantNY
Hill, HowardCheyenne WY
Hill, Sam J. ME
Hoak, James Fresno CA
Hobbs, BrettEdmond OK
Hodges, Mark Lima OH
Hoefer, Francis Oswego NY
Hoel, James Allan49Port Charlotte FL
Howland, JasonClinton Township MI
Humphreys, JonathanCA
Humphries, Samantha JaneyeCO
Hunt, Brendan
Jacques, Benjamin A.PA
James, JasonWA
James, Vincent
Janz, Kurt32FL
Lemons-Johnson, Audra JoyHudsonville MI
Johnson, Jay
Johnson Tonne, Kam Houston TX
Jones, Vernon
Karanikas, Nikolaos45Marlton NJ
Keen, William GlynnLouisville KY
Kelley, Ryan D.
Key, Allison BaynesGreensboro NC
Key, Daniel
Knox, Conor
Koch, Elizabeth Marysville TN
LaFerriere, DaveMiddlebury VT
LaMotta, Antonio
Larrea, Maryanne 22PA
Lazar, RebecaPA
Lee, Keith
Lester, Stephen Ray
Lewis, Emily Dayton OH
Liening, DominicEdmonds WA
Lindsey, Kennedy
Luke, Bernadette MMilton FL
Macias, Joshua EVA
Madina, David
Marinello, CharlesAZ
Marnell, Blake
Matthews, Benjamin Russel34Battlefield MO
McDonald, TrevorPoplar Bluff MO
Medina, David OR
Meza, AsherNorth Miami Beach FL
Millenbruck, GabrielleKirkwood MO
Miller, Brian Plano TX
Monaco, Stephen
Moon, TonyCA
Moushon, Zach OK
Mullin, Gregory Kevin IIWashingtonville NY
Nava, Christian San Diego CA
Navom, Brandon MA
Newbold, Adam Lisbon OH
Nieves, Joey Frederick MD
Nieves, Lisa Frederick MD
Northcross, Michael JohnScottsdale AZ
Northrup, Joel
Nugent, Travis WayneVancouver WA
Nunez, Alberto
Nunez, Genaro CT
Oliver, Jeremy
Palles, Ted Dallas TX
Pearson, CJ
Pesognelli, MarkSaratoga WY
Peters, Genevieve
Piccirillo, Robert FL
Ploss, Dianna MA
Plumley, LeviCovington VA
Porter, Mike WaywardSalt Lake City UT
Pyle, Sterling San Diego CA
Quinn, Jeremy L
Radogna, Adam 31Brook Park OH
Rafdal, Chad RyanMN
Ratliff, EthanVA
Redmond, EricWilliamsburg VA
Reed, Jeffrey DavidNY
Remauro, Jen
Resnick, Elliot
Robinson, Luke Philip
Rosati, Steve NY
Rotella, Brett Rena
Rusch, ShannonCornelius NC
Rutherford, Donald
Sabal, JohnTX
Saccone, Rick Latrobe PA
Saenz, MichaelPhoenix AZ
Saer, Lilith AntonPortland OR
Santos, Marcos JamesSan Jose CA
Sarmiento, Rick
Segool, Desiree NY
Segool, Mike NY
Sitosky, Joseph Robert27Ravenna OH
Smith, Ian
Smith, Mark EdwardRavenna OH
Smyth, Dylan James37Blanchard MI
Snyder, Jurell CA
Sommers, Krystle
SoRelle, Kellye Crump42Granbury TX
Speciale, Thomas
Sternal, MarkoFL
Stow, Maverick
Swaffar, Darlene
Tamai, Sunsue
Teixeira, Emanuel MA
Thaxton, Jay Robert46Concord NC
Thompson, Darinna PA
Thompson, James Earl39Wakeman OH
Thompson, Jul NY
Towers Parry, Tamara LucienneSeattle WA
Trabert, Christian Aberdeen MD
Tulin, ChazNY
Ulzheimer, CarlNew Milford CT
Valentino, Alesandro Arthur34Fort Lauderdale FL
Villa, EliseoGlendale AZ
Vincent, Ronnie Brownsville KY
Viss, Justin CaydeWaddell AZ
Walter, Matthew Nashville TN
Watkins, Jim
Weber, Jess
Whorton, Bartholomew RichardFerrelview MO
Whynot, JustinME
Wicker, Christopher MichaelChattanooga TN
Wihowski, FrankAZ
Williams, Benjamin FL
Williams, Candace
Willis, Mikki
Witzke, Lauren DE
Young, GeoffreyNew City NY
Yount, Brian Heath
Yount, Daniel Taylor

The Organizers

People who paid for transportation and/or publicity. People in positions of leadership who promoted or spoke at the event, or aggressively promoted the Big Lie: the illegitimacy of the presidential election.

The President's personal lawyer, who called for the VP to be delivered to the mob's firing squad.

The gun-toting, Q-affiliated Congresswoman on the inside who live-tweeted the Speaker's movements, despite instructions not to.

And so on.

File Photo Name Age Location Case status
Adams, Melvin VA
Alexander, Ali wanted for questioning
Alston, Monica Marie44Irvine CA
Bannon, Stephen KevinIndicted
Bertino, Jeremy JosephBelmont NCsearch warrant executed
Brandtjen, Janel Menomonee Falls WI
Brooks, Bob Saukville WI
Carlson, Tucker
Caton, Chad Myrtle Beach SC
Ceh, Steve TX
Champion, Richard CO
Chase, Amanda VA
Chrestman, William Norman47Falkville ALArrested
Christensen, James R.55Tarpon Springs FL
Coudrey, Michael
Dobbs, Lou
Dragoo, Kim St. Joseph MO
Eastman, David AK
Ellis, David Troy NH
Feuerstein, Joshua TX
Finchem, Mark AZ
Flynn, Michael T.
Forte, Tina Bronx NY
Fuentes, Nick IL
Gasperino, YvonnePort Chester NY
Giuliani, Rudolph
Guilfoyle, Kimberly
Gundrum, Rick Slinger WI
Hadian, Shahram WA
Hannity, Sean
Hegseth, Peter Brian
Hill, Justin MO
Hill, Justin
Hilton, Steve
Horlacher, Cody Mukwonago WI
Hyland, Jason LeeColleyville TXArrested
Ingraham, Laura
Jacque, Andre De Pere WI
Jones, Alex
Keller, Tim NC
Kern, Anthony AZ
Kirk, Charlie
Knodl, Dan Germantown WI
Kremer, Kylie Jane
LaRock, Dave VA
Lawrence, Jennifer
Lee, Keith TX
Levin, Mark
Lindell, Michael
Lynn, KevinWashington DC
Maddock, Matt MI
Manafaci, Gae Dresser WI
Manafort, Paul John Jr
Manzella, Theresa MT
Marshall, Steve
Mastriano, DougPA
McEnany, Kayleigh
McNeil, Jaden
Murphy, Dave Greenville WI
Mursau, Jeff Crivitz WI
Navarro, Peter
Nordean, Ethan Michael30Auburn WAArrested
Papadopoulos, George
Parry Ruth, Lisa Glen Burnie MD
Pence, Mike
Pierson, Katrina
Pirro, Jeanine F
Powell, Sidney
Presler, Scott
Prewitt, Carl
Price, Justin RI
Probus Kappell, Lisa
Rainey, Emily NC
Ramthun, Timothy Campbellsport WI
Rhodes, Elmer Stewart IIITXArrested
Rohrabacher, Dana
Sanfellipo, Joe New Berlin WI
Schraa, Michael Oshkosh WI
Scott, Suzanne
Shapiro, Michael IL
Shroyer, OwenSan Antonio TXArrested
Sortwell, Shae Gibson WI
Stewart, John CharlesCarlisle PAsearch warrant executed
Stockton, Dustin
Stone, Roger Jason Jr.FL
Sutherland, Robert Granite Falls WA
Szczepanski, Tara
Tarrio, Henry Miami FLArrested
Thiesfeldt, Jeremy Fond du Lac WI
Thomas, Ginni
Thomas, Virginia
Torba, James
Torres, Danny Lees Summit MO
Trump, Don Jr.
Trump, Donald J.
Trump, Eric
Trump, Ivanka
Trump, Lara
Watkins, Ron
Weaver, Terri LynnTN
Wichgers, Chuck Muskego WI
Wood, L Lin
Worthington, JimPhiladelphia PA

These members of Congress, listed below as "Collaborators" for objecting to the counting of certain electoral votes, also merit particular notice for their role in promoting the insurrection:

The Collaborators in Congress

The “Useful Idiots”

These individuals are thought to have participated in the presidential rally on the 6th, which is of course their Constitutional right. “Useful Idiots” is a term used by Russian intelligence services to describe someone who is not their agent, but nonetheless helps their cause.

File Photo Name Age Location
Abney, John JayPortland OR
Adams, Sandy VA
Adams, TraceVancouver WA
Aiken, Alan AR
Alexander, Jason
Amaral, Stephen MA
Armstrong, LeonNH
Ayers, Mike IA
Azinger, Michael WV
Badger Horton, Allison
Bates, Lawson TN
Bates, Trace TN
Bell, Joseph MN
Blades, Leandra CA
Bower, Deanna
Bower, Michael OH
Brockhoeft, John
Byler, Carol Chardon OH
Chanley, Mary LaureenTN
Charnisky, Melissa KHamburg NY
Charnisky, ShawnHamburg NY
Chovel, AlanFL
Clark, Karen AR
Clayton Wood Crow, Mary
Clowdus, Brian FL
Conway, Butch GA
Cox, Mark St. Louis MO
Davis, Dallas Helena MT
Davis, Tim EdwardSpringfield OR
Deddens, Lynn IN
Deese, Joey Rock Hill SC
DeFalco, James
Delatorre, Edgar J.Chicago IL
Dennis, Curt Nashville TN
Deveau, Leah VA
Diercks Johnson, Kristi Mason City IA
Dugas, Angel LA
Dugas, Shawn MatthewLA
Eby, Mandee NV
Farmer, Jeff KY
Fulfer, Joshua Allen42Clovis CA
Galtier, Steve LA
Gibson, Brian Owensboro KY
Gillespie, Leslie OH
Goldie, Thomas Zelienople PA
Gomez, Dean
Gray, Bryson
Grisafe, Chris
Hamman, David MN
Harris, Micah Nashville TN
Hartigan-Stein, Emily MN
Herrell, Jeremy NH
Hoffacker, Dorothy AnnChardon OH
Hoffacker, Kurt EricChardon OH
Innocenzi, Mario
Kurfman, David
Lahr, Steve MN
Land, Doyle MN
Land, Jonathan MN
Land, Stacy MN
LaRosa, Tara
Latona, Samuel
Lieberman, Heather NY
Lindemuth, Danielle44Elizabethtown PA
Lindemuth, Stephen48Elizabethtown PA
Locke, Greg
Louse, Luann OH
Lynch, Steve PA
Lynn, Kevin
Magna, Michelle NC
Magoun Henderson, Mary Willoughby Hills OH
Maness, Sue
Marchione, Jason WA
Marks, Kimberly
Martin, ShawnaSpokane WA
Mathai, Roxanne San Antonio TX
McArthur Pierce, Sara
McCarver, Amanda TN
McGrew, JoshuaMiami FL
Meaghan, Manuel Chase
Melvin, Mark NC
Morgan, Jan
Morse, MatthewAugusta ME
Nepute, Eric MO
O'Donnel, Patrick Nashville TN
Olivo, Shawn FL
Oneill, Devin Smithfield NC
Overturf, NicholasSpokane WA
Paulsen Tass, Cristy Mason City IA
Pellien, Charles NY
Pendergrass, Julie Mason City IA
Peters, Ken ValenciaWA
Reguli, Connie TN
Rice, BradleyIL
Riley, Jacob Yucalpa CA
Riley, James PatrickCA
Riley, Patrick CA
Robinson, Mindy NV
Ronayne, Michael Boulder MT
Rouse, Donald LA
Sherman, Alicia WA
Shuffett, John MichaelKY
Slawson, Geniva
Smith, Dan Gallatin TN
Smith, KyleFennville MI
Steele, Gloria LA
Thompson, Rus
Tisdel Thomas, Nedalee CA
Vanker, Anne Grosse Pointe MI
Vargas, Dora
Voosen, Alleister MN
Vos, Amy IA
Vos, Rian IA
Wallace, Dan WA
Walter-Roe, Lisa MarieCA
Weaver, Millie
Welch, Chris OK
West, Chris OK
Wharton, John MI
Whicker, William Fletcher IIIHillsborough NC
Williams, Dustin TX
Zagers, Jeff Savannah GA
Zink, JeffPhoenix AZ
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