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There is a big need to match rioters to the videos they appear in. We can start with the Parler videos. The most complete list of videos with their ID codes is hosted elsewhere, here. Our shorter list is here. The codes are the same. The list of individuals we are tracking is here, where you can find the hashtags we identify them by. If you want to make a submission for someone not on our list, that is excellent as well; we would like to track everyone in the Capitol Suspects Database. Just let us know that we may need to add the individual's hashtag to our database before we can match them to a video.

We prefer email (see Contact page) for any submissions, but a tweet or a direct message on Twitter works too. We are also on Keybase as "@detrumpify". Due to the sheer volume of tips we are getting, we ask that you use the video codes and the hashtags mentioned above, and send them to us in batches rather than as individual facts. The format shown below is ideal: plain text, one fact per line, with the video code followed by a comma and the individual's hashtag. This allows us to almost completely automate the process of adding your information to ours.

Sample data:

Once your submission has been processed, the data should show up on the detail pages both for the videos in question and for the individuals in them. See examples here and here.

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