Espionage against the Democratic National Committee

DescriptionBreak-in and wiretapping at the Watergate office complex, and subsequent obstruction of justice
LocationWashington DC

Persons of Interest

File Photo Name Case Status Jurisdiction Charges
Barker, Bernard LeonBreaking and entering
Colson, Charles
Dean, John W III
Ehrlichman, John Daniel
Gonzalez, Virgilio R.SentencedBreaking and entering
Haldeman, Harry Robbins
Hunt, Everette Howard
Krogh, Egil Jr.
Liddy, George Gordon Battle
Magruder, Jeb Stuart
Martinez Careaga, Eugenio RolandoPardoned after time servedBreaking and entering
McCord, James WalterBreaking and entering
Mitchell, John Newton
Nixon, RichardPre-emptively pardoned
Sturgis, FrankBreaking and entering
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